LEAKED: Manchester United's 18-19 Home Kit 'Will Be Basically No United Kit'

The new Manchester United 2018-2019 is set to introduce a controversial look for the English Premier League giants, according to usually quite well-informed kit expert @hendocfc. Manchester United's 18-19 jersey is set for a release in early summer 2018.

Manchester United 18-19 Home Kit to Feature More Black Than Ever Before

After the first few Adidas Man Utd kits since Adidas took over from Nike were all rather traditional, the new Manchester United 18-19 home kit is set to feature "more black than ever before" (@hendocfc). The kit expert even said that the jersey 'is basically not a United kit'.

The new Man Utd 18-19 kit "will be apparently inspired by the railway men that formed the club". Manchester United was formed in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club by the Carriage and Wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath. With railways in the 19th century often being red with much black, it seems 'clever' by Adidas to take this as basement for the much black.

It also looks like that black shorts will be first choice for the first time ever, according to @hendocfc.

The new Manchester United 2018-2019 home kit is set for a release in May 2018.

Is The Source Trustworthy? How We Think The new Manchester United 18-19 Kit Will End Up

However, with only one source reporting about Man Utd's 18-19 kit yet, how certain do we think his information is?

It seems to be clear that he @hendocfc is not just talking but is having information about Manchester United 2018-19 kits as he recently also leaked the very interesting Adidas 2018-2019 Champions League ball (set for a release not before August 2018). But, in fact, after being asked if he would have any pics, @hendocfc said that he would have no pics 'but I've just been given a sneak peek of the surrounding gear/accessories. Lots of black.'

So it is well possible that only the collection around the kit will feature extremely much black. We think that the kit will still be recognizable as a United kit, even though it will very likely feature more black than ever before and black shorts (both of this seems almost certain for us).

What do you think of this? How do you think the new Adidas Man Utd 2018-19 will look like in the end? Let us know in the comments below and check out all 2018-19 kit leaks in the 2018-2019 Kit Overview.