Manchester City 18-19 Third Kit Info Leaked

The Manchester City 18-19 third kit is set to bring back the color scheme of the 16-17 third. Made by Nike in what could be the brand's last season with the club, the Manchester City 2018-2019 third shirt is expected to be launched in time for the start of the Champions League group stage in September 2018.

Manchester City 18-19 Third Kit

The image below shows the colors of the Manchester City 2018-19 third jersey.

Combining orange, purple and white, it's not been entirely confirmed which of the three colors will be the most prominent in the design, but everything points at a similarly garish look as in 2016-17.

Pending a major suprise, the Manchester City 2018-2019 third uniform will be based on yet another global third template by Nike - so far, no details on this.

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